WiFi Routers

EMF-Bioshield®/WiFi resonance sphere for apartments or houses.

Diameter: 75mm (3 inches).

Protection field: 20 meters (65 feet) in diameter.

Life span: 2 years.

The electromagnetic pollution that surrounds us is getting thicker by the day. Your neighbors all have their own WiFi router, each of which emits a field that goes through all walls.  If you go to a coffee place or a restaurant, they all offer WiFi. Even on the train or on the plane, WiFi is everywhere. It's difficult to stay away from it. For more and more people, this constant hammering of their cells is an unpleasant experience. In some cases, it is literally unbearable. So much so that some major public institutions have decided to disconnect their WiFi following many complaints from their customers. A good example is the French National Library (Bibliothèque Nationale de France), which did so in 2008 already! See "Public libraries in Paris shut down wi-fi in response to health worries".

The EMF-Bioshield®/WiFi resonance sphere offers the relief that so many are looking for without knowing where to turn to find it. By creating a protective counter-field that covers the surface of a medium-size apartment (approximately 20 meters, i.e. 65 feet in diameter), it allows the many people who have become sensitive to electromagnetic waves to regain a certain degree of normalcy in their lives.

This revolutionary product was awarded a Gold Medal at the 40th International Inventors Salon in Geneva in 2012, together with the Public's Cup recognizing the most useful invention.

In an average building, the WiFi in each apartment "hoses" all its neighbors with its electromagnetic waves, far beyond what's needed for one single apartment.

In apartments equipped with the EMF-Bioshield®/WiFi, the electromagnetic waves coming off neighbors' routers are neutralized, saving residents of an apartment thus protected from the crossfire of multiple electromagnetic fields.

Testimonials from "electromagnetic-hyper-sensitive" (EHS) people after using

the EMF-Bioshield®/WiFi Sphere

I'm 20 years old and I was diagnosed as electromagnetic-hyper-sensitive by Professor Belpomme (France), a specialist in this field. I can't attend my school classes because I get sick from the WiFi fields and the cell phones everyone uses around me. I can't go to town any more since I'm in pain after only 15 minutes. I can't stand being in the middle of a crowd or even a gathering of just a few people. I can't go in stores, cars, train, planes or subway. I'm in pain in alttitude due to a lack of brain oxygenation. My school attendance dwindled as aa result in the last few years, culminating in my being expelled in 2013. It's been now almost 18 months that I've been living as a recluse in my bedroom, spending most of the time lying down because of splitting headaches.

Since the end of May, I've been carrying with me the EMF-Bioshield® WiFi Sphere, and it's been an absolute miracle for me! My life has dramatically changed for the better. I can have a normal life again! I've tested it in all the situations that I could not tolerate before, and now I can be again like everyone else and do whatever I need to do, without any problem. It's absolutely unbelievable, and I can certify that this change is due entirely to this small sphere sicne the few times when I forget to take it with me the previous symptoms reappear immediately.

Thanks to this lifesaver, I can look forward now to resuming my studies and enjoy life like ebveryone else.. Mr. Surbeck, I wish to thank you sincerely. Without the sphere that you created, I simply couldn't live in this world with all the waves and fields that surround us.

Nadège F.

Follow-up from Nadège's doctor

"I certify that Nadège F., who suffered from electromagnetic-hyper-sensitivity as diagnosed by Professorr Belpomme in Paris, was quickly and very effectively helped by the portable protective system from electromagnetic waves (such as the ones from cell phones) created by Mr.  M. Jacques Surbeck.

The phenomenon is reversible, for Nadège can sense her hypersensitivity surge back when she is not carrying this protective system with her.

Dr. Nathalie Calame.


Selection from a letter sent by an EHS to Mrs. Ségolène Royal, (then) French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy:
……….  I tried this sphere (on Prof. Belpomme's advice) for a week, and I was able to observe how effective it was in places that are difficult for me to stand. I still feel different things, but it is far more tolerable. I was able to test it in particular during meetings (with iPhones, iPads and WiFi) as well as some stores that I couldn't walk in any more (Décathlon, Leroy Merlin, etc…). Therefore, as far as I am concerned, this device works and I thank Mr. Surbeck for it. I think this information can and should be shared with other electro-sensitive people.

D. J.


... As you know, I have been an electromagnetic hyper sensitive for many years, which means I can't stand any electromagnetic waves, wherever they come from. My body detects them immediately, and it translates into headaches, a metallic taste in my mouth, a tightening of my jaw and feeling like my ears are filled with water.

Since we are faced today wit constant electromagnetic waves or fields from power lines, cell phone towers, wifi, cell phones, computers, TVs and other electronic devices, I had little choice but to curb my errands and stay in my house, which was specially shielded to limit the reach of these fields.

But since I've had your "resonance sphere", I can at long last move around again without suffering as I used to in all these situations. Even though I can still sense their presence in a mild form when they're coming from the many cell phones to which I am exposed in a crowd or in a train, for instance, it remains marginal and tolerable, knowing that your sphere spares me from their impact.

Please accept all my thanks for your research and the resulting products, which allow electro-sensitive people to live their daily lives better in our society.

Marie-Hélène R.


This is what I felt that was different thanks to the protection sphere while flying from Geneva to Montreal, and even at the airport and in large commercial centers:

- Much less tired during the trip and back.

- My cells were a lot less in turmoil.

- Much more calm and clear in my head.

- Very little sense of a smog, especially in the plane where I felt much less udner attack than usually.

- As soon as I made it home, even though it was very late because of tht time change, I didn't feel hyper or internally confused as I used to.

Guylaine, Canada


There is a "miracle" in the Lyon area without a need to go to Lourdes! I must admit it: your sphere is having a more than positive impact on me, to the point that I can't remember having had such a good day like this since I became hyper-sensitive in September of 2013.


A big thank you! You gave me back hope!!!

Sébastien B.


Since I've had your products, my life has dramatically changed.

The frequencies deployed by your products are the very latest in a long line of very diverse substances I have evaluated to date. I did so with the hope of discovering one that would allow me to live again as I did when I was 18, when electromagnetic waves belonged in my future rather than my present. All I can say is that it's been a long and frustrating trip through many useless expenses.

Recently, I was able to investigate yet another product, the WiFi sphere. I also bought the "chips" for cell phones and tablets. I did it without much hope though, but still prodded by the suffering I was going through due to the unbelievable electromagnetic pollution that surrounds us today.

Nothing has been the same since. Frequencies and networks of emitters and receptors which I could pick up that caused me such pain until then now have no impact on me whatsoever. Nothing. I can still hear them and sense them, but purely as an observer, without any pain. Again, nothing. I just put the sphere in the hands of my best friend, who is also quite aware of what he perceives, in addition to being clairvoyant, and his judgment was final: the mix you have put together is simply astounding in its efficiency, and the frequencies it emits are plainly magnificent.

I don't know what to say other than this: a huge thank you for your work and your dedication. I've been in severe pain for years, and at this time I'm almost in tears since it is now a thing of the past. At long last, I feel safe in the face of electromagnetic pollution, and I owe it to you..

 Samuel Z.


... In order to help electromagnetic hyper- sensitive people (EHS) to live normal lives, it would be useful to let them know about your work and research since you've created a protection that creates a mobile WHITE ZONE that people can take with them. 

Being hyper-sensitive myself, I use this protection every day, and it has changed my life. From the person who "couldn't leave her home any more", I can now do it without any problem by keeping this protection with me. It's easy, convenient and effective!

Docteur B. B.


I was diagnosed as hyper-sensitive to chemical products, at which point I was also informed that this sensitivity could extend to electromagnetic waves. Even though I was skeptical at first, I decided to be proactive by investing among others in the large EMF-Bioshield®WiFi sphere. I would take it with me in hotels with WiFi and would set it up as soon as I checked in. I didn't really try to understand what was going on. I would place it in the middle of the room and would notice that I had no problem. Was the sphere working or was I not as hyper-sensitive to electromagnetic waves as I thought? I didn't investigate further. The rest of the time, I was living in a Wi-Fi free environment, so I didn't have a problem with it.

One day, however, I visited friends in their apartment where I stayed overnight. I had barely arrived that I started having issues and felt more and more ill, to the point that I couldn't stand up. There was no WiFi in this apartment, but it turned out that it was located in the middle of a building and all the neighbors had their WiFi on. I got up and decided to take the sphere out of its box. I left it discreetly in my travel bag in the next room and... after a few minutes I started feeling better. That's when I understood how effective this product is.

Since then, WiFi is spreading everywhere, especially in public places. That's why I have this sphere with me at all times as soon as I leave my safe personal environment. It is crucial that electro-hyper-sensitive people be informed of the existence of this product which can give them back a quality of life they thought they had lost... until such time that surrounding environments are one day themselves equipped to protect people's well-being. 

V., France


Warning: Since the main component found in the sphere is liquid, it is important to keep it from exposure to freezing temperatures which could otherwise cause it to burst. To date all orders received from areas with very low temperatures arrived intact, and we have received no complaint to the contrary, but since no commercial carrier can give us guarantees that our products will not be exposed to freezing temperatures during transport, we recommend that residents of countries with very low temperatures part of the year (Canada, USA, Scandinavia) order this item between April and October, and refrain from doing so during winter months.


For that reason, a new personal protection was developed, one that contains no liquids. Additionally, it is easier and more convenient to carry around. It is called the UFO2.

What are the differences between the UFO2 and the WiFi Protection Sphere? The material they are made of, even though essentially the same, come in solid form in the UFO2 instead of liquid form in the Sphere. That crucial difference means that the UFO2 is easier to carry around and, more importantly, that it is not at risk of suffering damages if exposed to freezing temperatures, as the Sphere is.

The UFO2's life span is 2 years, and it covers approximately a radius of 1 meter (3 feet). It also needs to be carried on he body, preferably in a pocket.

The question was asked whether the UFO2 or the Sphere can protect someone from the waves coming off of other cell phones. The answer is that it depends on the nature of the network these cell phones use. If they use a local WiFi network, the answer is yes since both the UFO2 and the Sphere were designed to protect the person that carries either one from the impact of any WiFi network. But if these phones use their own carrier networks, the problem lies with the communications taking place between these phones and the closest cell towers, and that means a different technological response is needed, namely the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel2 35mm chip to stick to the back of one's cell phone.

The UFO2 can now be ordered on line.


FAQs on the WiFi Sphere


1. What is the problem?

First of all, one needs to remember that in nature, all natural rays and waves coming from the sun or the earth, while having their own unique frequencies and widths, are continuous and homogeneous. Consequently, all living cells have been used to them for a very long time. In contrast, WiFi and other artificially created waves, such as the ones going to and coming from cell phones or computer and TV screens, are fragmented, thus making them incompatibles with living cells, be they plants, animals or humans.

 2. How does this sphere work?

The nanoparticles contained in the sphere generate a counter-phase resonance which turns fragmented waves back into linear ones, making them compatible again with any type of living cells. This is what allows electro-hyper-sensitives to regain the same quality of life they would be forced to look for otherwise in so-called "white zones" (where there are no artificial waves), being forced in the process to move. In some cases of extreme hyper-sensitivity, people have already literally moved in caves.

3. What's inside?

The nanoparticles and the liquid contained in the sphere are a trade secret. These components are nevertheless harmless (if the unlikely event that the shell of a sphere were to break, for instance).

4. What results can be expected?

Depending on the layout of the place (house or apartment), the sphere needs to be placed in the center of the main room, considering that the resonance area (i.e. protected) fills a bubble 15 to 20 meters (about 50 feet) in diameter. That means that such a sphere placed in an apartment on the second floor would also cover the apartment below and the one above, thus benefiting the neighbors even if they don't realize it.

5. How do you know it is effective?

Lab tests were conducted with fruit flies, which demonstrated that their mortality rate (4% with the sphere) jumped to 20% without it, i.e. five times higher.

A few Electro-Hyper-Sensitives have testified how their quality of life improved as soon as they put themselves under the protection of this sphere, something that they thought they had lost forever since today it is almost impossible to escape from the electromagnetic fog that surrounds us.

A little over a century ago, radiology was killing its users until one day one of them discovered that with a lead protection it could be used without risk. It's the same thing for fragmented electromagnetic waves: they are so useful already that no one is willing to stop using them. Therefore, the only solution to benefit from them and survive them is to find a similar protection.