Sales Terms

The ordering of any product offered on this site ( implies acknowledgement and acceptance of the present general conditions.


Consequently, the buyer who places such an order confirms that he is aware of the fact that there is no need for a handwritten signature to conclude the agreement contained in the present general conditions.

Site contents:

1. Explanation of the nature and characteristics of the items presented and how to use them.

2. Indication of the price of each item proposed in Swiss Francs (CHF), Euros (€ - EUR), Canadian Dollars ($ - CAD), and in US Dollars ($ - USD).

3. Description of terms of payment, order fulfillment procedures (including shipping charges and - for Switzerland only - VAT charges; for other countries, VAT charges are payable upon delivery of orders

“EMF-Bioshield®” is a Trademark owned by the seller, S.E.I.C. sa, Geneva, Switzerland.

In case of any dispute arising out of or related to transactions on the website “”, the general sales conditions hereunder will apply. If no agreement can be reached, the venue for any legal dispute shall be the court of justice of the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland.

Article 1: Comprehensive character of terms
The following general conditions express the comprehensive character of each party's obligations. This means that the buyer is understood as having agreed to without reservation all the terms of the provisions included in these general conditions. No other general or specific provision included in documents sent by the buyer can be included in the following provisions if contrary to these general conditions.

Article 2: Object
The purpose of the following general conditions is to define the parties' respective rights and obligations within the framework of on-line sale of goods and services offered by the site "" to the buyer.

Article 3: Contractual documents
The present contract is made of the following contractual documents, in hierarchical order: the present general conditions and the on-line order form.

Article 4: Entry into force and duration

The present general conditions take effect on the date of the placement of an order on line. The present general conditions are concluded for the length of time needed to supply the goods and services ordered.

Article 5: Electronic signature

The buyer’s “click” when placing an order will be considered as an electronic signature, with the same legal value as a handwritten signature.

Article 6: Proof of transaction
The data processed records, kept in the computer system of under reasonable security conditions, are considered as proof of the communications, orders and payments that took place between the parties.

Article 7: Information on the products / stock
7-a: S.E.I.C. s.a. presents on its Internet site “” the products it sells, together with the information needed to allow any potential buyer to be informed before placing a firm order, about the main characteristics of the product said buyer wishes to purchase.
7-b: The offers made on the “” web site are valid only to the extent that stocks are available. S.E.I.C. s.a. cannot be held responsible if one of these products cannot be delivered any more, is out of stock or altogether discontinued. See Article 10 below for product availability.

Article 8: Prices
Prices are labeled in Swiss Francs (CHF), Euros (€), Canadian dollars (CA $) and American dollars (US $), and are valid only on the date a buyer confirms his order. For deliveries in Switzerland, prices include the VAT applicable on the day of the purchase. The whole payment must be made at the time of the order, and in any event before the articles ordered are shipped. Prices may change without prior notification.

Article 9: Forms of payment
To settle his order, the buyer can choose between different payment modes on the order page: either through a PayPal account or with a valid credit card.  The buyer guarantees to S.E.I.C. s.a. that he is an adult and is allowed to use the payment system he chooses when placing his order.

Article 10: Availability of products
The order will be processed at the latest within 6 to 8 work days starting on the day the order payment was received through the PayPal system on the “” web site. Should the product ordered not be available, in particular because of delayed deliveries, the buyer will be informed immediately and offered a choice between canceling his order and have his payment refunded within a week from the date the order was placed, or to wait until stocks of the products ordered are replenished.

​Article 11: Delivery
The producst ordered are delivered in Switzerland through the Swiss Postal Service to the address indicated by the buyer on the order form. For all other countries besides Switzerland, shipments are also made through the Swiss Postal Service, together with a tracking number that will be sent to the buyer as soon as the order is shipped. It must be noted, however, that in some countries the tracking process stops at the border or cannot follow the package through all the stages of the shipping process before its final destination, at which point it is nevertheless confirmed.

Article 12: Customs duties

Depending on the country of destination, a custom duty may be added, from 10 to 20% of the retail price of the item shipped. That amount is payable when the package at the time of delivery.

Article 13: Customs delays
S.E.I.C. s.a. cannot be held responsible for any delays in the delivery due to customs services in some countries. Its obligations are limited to shipping the order placed by the buyer to the address provided by said buyer, together with providing the documents proving that the shipment has indeed been made and sent through the Swiss Postal Service.


Article 14: Product guarantee
None of the present provisions can deprive the buyer from the legal guarantee that compels the professional vendor to guarantee the product sold against any consequence due to hidden flaws

Article 15: Final sales and exception
Given the delicate nature of the products sold on the “” web site, their sale is in principle final. Nevertheless, besides the guarantee reservation mentioned in Article 14 above regarding a manufacture flaw or a premature decay of the products sold, the following products:
EMF-Bioshield®/SphereWiFi and EMF-Bioshield®/UFO2 exclusively can be returned within seven (7) working days from the time the order was received, as long as the original package suffered no damage and the sender shipped it at his/her own expense. Reimbursement of the purchase will proceed upon receipt of the returned package. If either the packaging or the products themselves were damaged in any way during shipment, no refund will be granted.

Article 16: Governing law

The present general conditions are subject to Swiss law and in particular to the Swiss Code of Obligations which governs all aspects not expressly mentioned in the present general conditions. It shall also be taken into consideration regarding substantive rules as well as form rules. In case of dispute or complaint, the buyer should first contact S.E.I.C. s.a. in order to find an amicable agreement. And after this as a last resort, the buyer may lodge a claim with the Tribunal of the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland..

Article 17: Release of liability
The information provided on the “” web site is offered purely for educational purposes. Nothing on it should be construed as tools to diagnose or determine medical or psychological pathologies of any sort, or to prevent, treat or heal any illness or affliction of any kind. S.E.I.C. s.a. is in no position to make any promise or provide any guarantee that the products offered on its site will improve the condition of people who have been exposed to electromagnetic pollution, in particular when these people have been suffering from such exposure for a long time. As a result, it is also impossible to guarantee that individuals already exposed to this kind of pollution will not in due time suffer from a host of pathologies despite their use of EMF-Bioshield® products. Consequently, S.E.I.C. s.a. cannot be held responsible for any illness or affliction that a buyer suffers from before, during or after using the products offered on this site. If such an occurence were to happen, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Article 18: Data protection and liberties

The information requested from the buyer are needed for the execution of his purchase order, but they will remain strictly confidential and cannot be shared with anyone else.

Article 19: Change in present terms
S.E.I.C. s.a. reserves the right to change the terms of the present general sales conditions at any time and without warning. Any such change will enter into force at the time of its publication on this site. Consequently, please consult this page on a regular basis.