Cellular Phones

Cell phones everywhere!


Today, already more than 3/4 of the world population owns a cell phone (5.1 billion people). Cell phones are now a universal phenomenon. For all of us, our cell phone has become an extension of ourselves, an indispensable tool that we can hardly live without.

Impact on health

There is however one aspect of cell phone use that remains challenging so far: the impact it could well have on phone users' health. Since it became a mass market item less than 20 years ago, the controversy has not abated. Studies after studies have reached opposite conclusions, leaving the average user not knowing who to believe, let alone trust. Is there a danger? No one has found a smoking gun yet, but there are enough signs pointing towards possible long-term harm to urge caution. Even the World Health Organization warned in 2011 that "radiation from cell phones can possibly cause cancer". The agency now puts cell phone use in the same "carcinogenic hazard" category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform.


Today, the public is divided between those who believe that using their cell phone does not carry any risk, and many others who are either more cautious or more worried, remembering that history is filled with inventions initially considered as harmless but which proved later to be dangerous, if not lethal.

Rise of the "electro-hyper-sensitives" (EHS)

Increasing numbers of cell phone users are positive that they have become "electro-hyper-sensitive" (EHS), i.e. they can feel, without the help of any mechanical device (and whether they like it or not) the radiation waves pulsing from their cell phones (and many other sources as well), to the point of being seriously affected and in some cases even sick. The existence of such a group (whose numbers are growing constantly) indicates that something serious is going on, and that it would be a good idea to pay attention to what they are saying is happening to them.

Insurance companies shy away

To top it all, some of the largest re-insurance companies (followed as a result by many insurance companies) have decided without any qualms that they would not insure any more mobile telephone companies for civil damages resulting from exposure to electromagnetic fields. This should give everyone pause: if insurance companies pull out of a very lucrative field, it must be for a good reason. The only problem is that they have not provided any explanation for their decision, leaving the public free to draw their own conclusions.

Even though cell phone manufacturers keep repeating that their devices are not harmful in any way, hundreds of scientific studies (to date) point to the fact that users - and in particular teen-agers and children - are facing risks that could prove serious for their health down the road. The fact of the matter is that the cell phone industry is still too young for science to determine with certainty the long-term impact of our often intensive use of cell phones.

The precaution principle dictates that, while waiting for a definitive answer, people should take all possible measures to minimize the possible impact of cell phones on our health, either by using them as little as possible or, if they cannot stop using them, by giving themselves a modicum of protection such as the one provided bythe EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ system.

When you turn it on, your cell phone starts immediately to emit pulsed electromagnetic waves in search of the closest cell tower. If the connection is difficult, your cell will progressively emit stronger signals until contact is made. From then on, even if you're not using your phone on calls, it keeps sending a signal every 3 seconds to maintain contact with the network.

Is there a solution?

Nature in general and human metabolism in particular have been used for millennia to being exposed to natural electromagnetic fields (solar, cosmic and telluric) which happen to be linear, i.e. emitted as a continuous stream.

On the other hand, the artificial electromagnetic waves created by cell phones are emitted in pulses, which means that they literally “hammer” the living cells they go through. This hammering, to which our cells have not had time to adjust yet, seems to be the source of many cellular affections which evolve into (depending on the affected people's physiology) either serious ailments or minor adverse effects.

Everybody reacts in a different way, which is why some people are hyper-sensitive to any electromagnetic environment  while others don't feel anything, which doesn't mean that their cells are not affected nevertheless.

Brain and reproductive organs

All organs in the body can be affected, be it in their functionality, their development or their re-generation, but the areas the most likely to be the most affected are the brain and the reproductive organs. As people can't help to hold their cell phone to their ear, they, i.e. in close proximity of their brain, they risk causing damage eventually to the blood brain barrier (BBB), whose crucial job it is to prevent undesirable substances that can circulate in the blood from accessing the brain, leading otherwise to a weakening of the entire body. As for reproductive organs, they are also quite often at risk since, when they're done talking on them, most people put them where? On their belt or in a pant pocket for men, while women put it in their handbag or even in their bra, the ideal place to cause breast cancer!

These two vital areas are therefore bombarded all day long by the fragmented waves coming from andinto their cell phones, which could explain some afflictions to their brains as well as have an impact on their libido, if not their fertility.

What to do?

There are a number of indirect precautions cell phone users can take to mitigate the impact of their exposure to the waves emitted by and coming into their phones (such as using the speaker-phone or earphones, both of which make it possible to keep the phone at an arm's length of the brain, texting instead of talking - but not while driving -, turning it off before going to bed, etc.). But for the majority of people who can't or won't take any of these steps and who are threrfore still looking for another solution, i.e. a simple and effective product that eliminates the harmfulness that comes with using their phones, there is one answer: EMF-Bioshield®/Tel2.

What is EMF-Bioshield®/Tel2?

EMF-Bioshield®/Tel2 protects cell phone users from the physiological harm caused by the pulsed electromagnetic waves emitted and received by their device, in particular in relation to the brain. This system somes in the shape of a self-sticking chip containing nanoparticles coated in a neutral substratum (whose components are bio-degradable).

The EMF-Bioshield®/Tel2 system must be placed on the back of your cell phone. If you have a soft case, you can put it inside, but if you have a hard case, then put it outside, where it will still work, although it may be a little weaker). Do not use it either way if your case is metallic.

Ease of use

This protection is 35 mm (1.8 inch) in diameter, which makes it easy to install on any cell phone model currently on the market, from the smallest to the largest, as well on all tablet models.

How does it work?


As soon as your cell phone starts emitting pulsed electromagnetic waves, the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel2 system generates instantly a counter-phase resonance that eliminates the harmful biological impact on all cells (including therefore in particular on the user's brain. How this happens is due to the fact that the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel2 system rebuilds the linearity of the waves emitted by one's cell phone, turning them from pulsed (i.e. fragmented) waves, which are damaging in the long term into linear ones that are harmless. Your brain is thus protected, without impacting the quality of transmissions.


EMF-Bioshield®Tel2's efficiency has been tested in several international research centers, where its ability to eliminate the harmful biological impact of risky cell phone waves has been demonstrated. The "blood test" in particular has yielded impressive results (see below). The first test was performed in a haematology laboratory in Paris (France). The second one was done in a medical analyses laboratory in Geneva (Switzerland).

All red blood cells contain iron molecules. Electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones "polarize" these molecules, turning them into micro-magnets that cling together in clumps (as shown in Fig. 3 below). This clumping phenomenon in turn causes jams which can last several hours until the source of this reaction is removed and de-polarization takes place. And while the cells clump together as it to protect themselves from an outside aggression, their full surface, through which oxygen absorption normally takes place, is therefore reduced, resulting in less oxygenization to the brain and other organs, which may explain many cases of abnormal fatigue or a host of other physiological troubles. And yet with  EMF-Bioshield®Tel2, this polarization phenomenon does not take place! The clumping reaction of red blood cells disappears.










Fig. 1 - Before exposure to a cell phone, red bllod cells move around freely.











Fig. 2 - After a 10-minute exposure to a cell phone equipped with  EMF-Bioshield®Tel2, red blood cells are still moving around freely, as if there had been no exposure.











Fig. 3 - After a 10-minute exposure to a cell phone without the benefit of  EMF-Bioshield®Tel2, red blood cells are clumping together, as if they were trying to protect each other from an outside aggression.

Questions and Answers


1) Why do cell phones emit electromagnetic waves (EMF)?

Cell phone transmissions are relayed from one phone to another via cell towers and antennas. To communicate with cell towers, cell phones use electromagnetic waves to transmit and receive data.

2) Why should we protect ourselves from the electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones?

Major national and international bodies such as the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC, based in Lyon, France) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have acknowledged that electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones may cause cancer. This conclusion is supported by many studies and articles, one of which, published in the London Times (Dec. 1, 2005), described how electromagnetic waves caused a child's brain cancer.

3) What is it about these waves that makes them so harmful?

In contrast to the naturally occurring linear electromagnetic waves that all plant, animal, and human cells have been accustomed to for millennia (such as solar radiation, cosmic waves, and cosmo-telluric waves), EMF waves are "fragmented." The rapid oscillations of such electromagnetic flashes are very difficult for living cells to cope with, and so their normally functioning mechanisms are disrupted.

4) If fragmented waves are harmful, why are they used?

Fragmented waves allow a higher amount of information to be transmitted on the same frequency at the same time. This enables operators to transmit messages from several phones simultaneously, thus increasing their financial return on the frequency bands they have licensed.

5) How has the harmfulness of cell phones to humans been proven?

Red cells in human blood contain iron molecules. These iron molecules are polarized by the fragmented electromagnetic waves (EMF) emitted by cell phones, turning each cell into a micro-magnet. The magnetized cells then clump together in tight bundles, reducing the cell surface available to transport oxygen. This directly results in harmful health effects. See below photos of EMF-magnetized red blood cells with and without EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ taken at a well-known hematology center.

6) When does a cell phone emit harmful waves, and why?

When left in standby mode, a cell phone emits a signal every 3 seconds to locate and communicate with the nearest cell tower. This adds up to 1,200 signals per hour, 28,800 signals per day. When the phone is in use, it continuously emits a modulated and fragmented signal whenever the user speaks.

7) Is there a safe distance one can maintain to protect oneself from cell phone EMF waves?

The harmful impacts of EMF waves diminishes quickly with distance and becomes negligible 4 to 6 feet away. But of course, it's not really possible to use a cell phone that far way.

8) How long does it take for exposure to the waves emitted by cell phones to become harmful to one's health?

It depends on one's physical condition. Some people are more sensitive than others, but in general, physiological changes occur after just five minutes of cell phone use, whether you can feel it or not.

9) Is SAR (specific absorption rate, or radiation index) an important factor in choosing a mobile phone?

Yes. It is one of the parameters to consider, but it's not the only one.

10) What is the position of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC in Lyon, France) regarding waves emitted by cell phones?

Cell phones EMF waves are classified as "possibly carcinogenic" by both bodies.

11) What are the risks incurred by cell phone users?

Fatigue, weakened immunity, poor concentration, memory loss, and in the long run there is a risk of cancer as published by WHO, IARC, and other research centers around the world.

12) Are some people more at risk than others?

Yes. Anybody going through an intense cell proliferation phase, including embryos, fetuses, children, and teen-agers, can be seriously affected. So can many adults who are particularly sensitive to this type of radiation.

13) How can I protect myself from cell phone EMF radiation?

Harmful fragmented waves emitted by cell phones must be turned into the same kind of harmless linear waves all living cells have been accustomed to for millennia. The EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ chip restores the "linearity" of these waves, thus making them bio-compatible, ie.e harmless.

14) What does EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ mean?

ElectroMagnetic Fields Biological Shield for (cell) Telephone.

15) How does the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ chip protect cell phone users?

Nano-particles of lanthanides (elements 58-71 of the Mendeleyev Periodic Table) have specific magnetic resonance properties. These elements are embedded into a neutral substance and calibrated to create the precise counter-phase resonance required to transform harmful fragmented waves into harmless linear ones.

16) Does the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ chip help reduce the specific absorption rate (SAR)?

No, that is not its function and it's not necessary for the chip to have its intended effect. It impacts the nature of the waves, not the strength of the signal.

17) How do you justify the price of the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ chip?

It's actually not very high. Small as they are, producing these chips is not an inexpensive process. Lanthanides and some of the other rare raw materials currently cost around $75,000 a pound. In addition, amortization of research costs must be factored into the final cost of the product. We have made every effort to assure that the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel chip is as affordable as possible for the broadest range of cell phone users.

18) Can the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel chip be placed anywhere on the cell phone?

No. It should be placed as close as possible to the antenna for maximum effectiveness and better protection. But for the majority of recent models such the iPhone where the antenna encircles the phone itself, the best place for the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel chip is on the back, about one third down in the center (just above the Apple symbol).

19) Can the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ chip be used on other devices that emit electromagnetic waves, such as laptop computers or TVs?

No. Laptops and TVs emit different types of waves that require their own specific protective components.

20) Does the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ chip protect individuals from WiFi waves?

No. WiFi waves are different. See our page on WiFi Routers for more information.

21) Does the effectiveness of the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ chip diminish over time?

The EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ chip has been found in tests to maintain its effectiveness for no less than 3 years. It is likely that it can remain effective even longer, and additional tests will continue to measure its effectiveness over time.

22) How can we be sure the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ chip works properly? Can its effectiveness be verified?

The chip's effectiveness can only be verified in laboratory tests. One such experiment measures the red cell clumping phenomenon in users after 10 minutes of conversation, while other bio-physical tests use a camera developed by Professor K. Korotkov. It is important to note that some people who are sensitive to electromagnetic waves have reported they no longer felt any physical discomfort as soon as their cell phone was equipped with the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ chip.

23) Is the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ chip guaranteed?

Yes, it is, for a period of three years, as long as it has been used in accordance with instructions.

24) How does the warranty work?

If an EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ chip were to appear defective when used in accordance with instructions, it will just need to be returned to the manufacturer for testing (S.E.I.C. in Geneva), along with proof of purchase. In case of malfunction, it will be replaced free of charge.

25) Has the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ chip been licensed or certified?

All research, experiments, and products of the manufacturer, S.E.I.C. s.a. (Geneva), have received the ISO-9001/2008 certification, the highest level in this field. The EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ chip is not subject to any authorization, standard, or regulation regarding its marketability. Indeed, at the current time, there exists no governmentally defined standards for such protection tools. The EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ chip is a Swiss product, manufactured in Switzerland, under the "Swiss-Made" label.

26) Can the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ chip be recycled?

No, but the nano-particles it contains are embedded in a neutral substance that prevents them from being freed in nature where they could become toxic. Once attached to a cell phone, the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ chip stays with the phone and may be recycled along with it.

27) Why don't cell phone manufacturers directly incorporate this protection against harmful EMF waves into their products?

Because if they did, it would be an admission that they know the cell phones they have been selling for years are harmful, possibly triggering a costly wave of lawsuits.

28) Are there other solutions for protection against harmful cell phone EMF waves, and if so, how do they compare to the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ chip?

There are dozens of products currently available via the Internet which claim to be viable solutions. Unfortunately, some actually do more harm than good. The fact is, the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ chip is the only one in the world whose effectiveness has been demonstrated by scientific tests, to the extent that it was awarded a Gold Medal by the 39th International Scientific Inventions Salon of Geneva, Switzerland, in 2011.

29) Electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones can cause real physical discomfort in some people who are electro-sensitive. Does the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ chip reduce or eliminate this discomfort?

Yes, in most cases, the chip entirely eliminates the physical discomfort felt by electromagnetically sensitive people. However, some people have reached such a degree of hypersensitivity that even a tiny residual signal can still cause them physical discomfort.

30) Why are the potential risks of cell phone EMF waves still not considered by some to be a scientifically proven fact?

Some top scientists have seen their research grants canceled or denied, or their research teams disbanded, for daring to show the harmful effects of cell phones. The risks of EMF radiation were hidden for years by a senior international health organization official (now under investigation), behind whom national health officials sheltered their own suspicions about the harmful nature of the fragmented waves emitted by cell phones. At the same time, many media outlets refuse to publish existing research which scientifically demonstrates these discoveries for fear of losing large advertising revenues.

If there are any other questions not addessed on this page, send us an e-mail. If your question is of general interest, we will add it to this list.