(The prices listed below are subject to change without warning.)

In view of the unprecedented crisis the whole world is facing, we have decided to do our modest part by temporarily cutting our prices by 20% across the board. Packs offer even better deals, with rebates ranging from 25% to 30%. Regular prices (in parentheses below) will be reinstated when the pandemic is over.

EMF-Bioshield®/Tel2 (35mm) is the second generation protection for all types of cell phones and small to medium tablets. Compared to the Tel1 model, its capacity has been multiplied by three.

EMF-Bioshield®/UFO2 (60mm): New generation of Personal Protection against surrounding pollution from WiFi routers

(and, on a strictly empirical basis so far, 5G as well).

This personal protection system is to be carried around in one's pocket or bag.

Diameter: 60mm (approx. 3 inches).

Field of protection: 2 meters in diameter (approx 6 feet).

EMF-Bioshield®/Laptop2 (60mm):
protection for all models of laptops and iPad Pro
Protective sphere for apartments, homes and/or offices: 
the EMF-Bioshield®/WiFi Sphere (-30%)

Warning: Since the main component found in the spheres is liquid, it is important to keep them from exposure to freezing temperatures which could otherwise damage them.To date all orders received from areas with very low temperatures arrived intact, and we have received no complaint to the contrary, but since no commercial carrier can give us guarantees that our products will not be exposed to freezing temperatures during transport, we recommend that residents of countries with very low temperatures part of the year (Canada, USA, Scandinavia) order these items between April and October, and refrain from doing so during winter months.

Protective sphere for house, apartment or office. Diameter: 75mm (3 inches). Protective field: 20 meters (65 feet) in diameter.

Protection system for stationary flat screen computers and TVs:

EMF-Bioshield®/System2 (-25%)

Important note: This item will not be available any more once all the remaining stocks are gone. Therefore, if you have enjoyed this product in the past, you are encouraged to order one or more while there are still a few units left (8 as of October 29, 2020).

For stationary flat screen computers and TVs, mini-bulb "A" must be placed in the lower left corner of the screen, and mini-bulb "B" on the lower right one.

Pack 1: Two-product combination (-25%):
Tel2 (for cell phone)  + UFO2 (for individual protection)
Pack 2: Three-product combination (-25%):
Tel2 (for cell phone) + Laptop2 (for laptop and iPad Pro)  + UFO2 (for individual protection)
Pack 3: Two-product combination (-25%):
WiFi Sphere (for home or office)  +
System2 (for stationary computers and TV sets)
Pack 4: Four-product combination (-25%):
WiFi Sphere (for home or office)  + Tel2 (for cell phone) + Laptop2 (for laptop and iPad Pro)  + UFO2 (for individual protection)


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