How to protect yourself from

contemporary electromagnetic pollution

Check for yourself the electromagnetic pollution that surrounds you!

As everyone knows, if you can't see something, it means that it does not exist. Right? That's not entirely true of course (think of the wind), but it is accurate for most people who, for instance, are not convinced that the flood of electromagnetic waves we swim in today really exists. Therefore, there is no problem...

Nevertheless, as the short video below demonstrates, it is actually possible to visualize how dense the electromagnetic fog we live in can be, thanks to an App that can be downloaded on an iPhone (or Android). It allows anyone to obtain a "rendition" of the EMF in which we live. It's called "Architecture of Radio" and can be purchased for €2.99 (US$3.25) on the App Store.

Bear in mind though that it is not a magic window that allows us to "see" invisible waves with the naked eye. It is merely a graphic recreation built from official databases listing existing WiFi routers and cell towers all over the world (with satellites thrown in for good measure). With that, depending on where you live and work, you are likely to be surprised when you  find out how dense the electromagnetic fog is there.

What is the problem?

In the past twenty years, electromagnetic pollution has skyrocketed, due in large part to the staggering increase in cell phones, iPad-like tablets and laptop computers. For all these tools to function properly, they must remain in constant communication with each other, hence the proliferation of cell towers, now found everywhere. And that does not even include public and individual WiFi routers, which people expect wherever they are.

But these cell towers and multiple networks present a problem because they simultaneously create an electromagnetic fog with consequences for health that have not been clearly assessed yet, and there is ground for concern in view of the many individuals whose physiology is more sensitive than that of the rest of the population to the adverse effects caused by this pollution.

As a result, the majority of cell phone users do not realize that they are likely to endanger their health while using tools everyday that they assume are harmless.

What does science say?

The scientific world is sharply divided over the question. Some scientists support cell phone manufacturers' position according to which there is no evidence of a link between cell phone use and, for example, the increase in numbers of brain cancers. Other scientists on the other hand are more cautious and suspect that there is in fact a link between the two even if it hasn't been proven beyond doubt yet. In the meantime, a few brain cancer victims or their surviving relatives in several countries (USA, Italy, Israel) have sued cell phone manufacturers or network operators, accusing them of failing to warn their customers of the risks they were facing while using their cell phones.

Are there solutions?

There are a number of indirect precautions that cell phone users can take to limit their exposure to surrounding electromagnetic waves (e.g. do not use the original ear piece that came with the phone since the wire inside is a direct link between your phone and your brain, and use instead an air-tube set that breaks that link without interfering with the communication, use the loudspeaker, or just text, all of which prevent direct exposure of the brain to the phone), but for the many who still can't help but keep their phone glued to their ear, other solutions  are needed to protect them from its likely harmful impact on their health.

EMF-Bioshield® Products Lineup

The different  EMF-Bioshield® products allow on the one hand electro-hyper-sensitives individuals to live a life that is largely restored to normal conditions, and on the other to give the rest of the population that is not as sensitive a degree of protection that few if any other product on the market can provide.  The EMF-Bioshield® products are manufactured and sold by S.E.I.C. sa, a company based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Protection from cell phones


For all cell phones, the 35 mm EMF-Bioshield®/Tel2 "chip" restores the linearity of fragmented waves to and from the cell phone, making them harmless.

For more information, see our page on cell phones and tablets, or click here to order.


Protection from tablets

The 35 mm EMF-Bioshield®/Tel2 "chip" also works for iPad-like tablets (iPad Mini and medium size: for the iPad Pro, use the EMF-Bioshield®/Laptop2 below). This protection is particularly important for the millions of children whose parents bought them an iPad without realizing the potential health problems that may follow given their children's fragile constitution in the face of such close exposure to electromagnetic fields.

For more information, see our page on cell phones and tablets, or click here to order.


Protection from WiFi routers


WiFi routers are found today in almost every home and apartment, something everyone needs to stay connected to the Internet at all times. The drawwback is that the reach of each one of these routers extends well beyond the confines of each dwelling, resulting in all residents  soaked in a cross fire of multiple networks, each of which emits its own cloud of electromagnetic waves. Most people do not realize this because they're not aware of what is affecting them, although some may suspect it. Hyper-sensitive people to EMF on the other hand are very much aware of this phenomenon since they suffer from it in varying degrees depending on their respective physiology.

To address this problem, one product has been developed: the  EMF-Bioshield®/WiFi protection sphere for apartments, houses and offices.


The EMF-Bioshield®/WiFi resonance sphere creates a counter-field that covers  a small and medium-size apartment (65 feet in all directions). This allows many people who have become sensitive to EMF to regain a somewhat normal life.  Click here to order.

Important note: This item will be discontinued once all the remaining stocks are gone. Therefore, if you have enjoyed it in the past, you are encouraged to order one or more while there are still a few units left (13 as of May 2, 2020). It will be replaced by the individual, more portable protection known as EMF-Bioshield®/UFO2.

Protection from computers and TV sets

The EMF-Bioshield®/System2 protective device was created already a number of years ago to meet the needs of many Electromagneti Hyper Sensitive (EHS) people who were suffering in front of the computer and TV models existing at the time. These models were based on the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) technology, with screens slightly curved outside and bulky bodies that were both heavy and cumbersome.


The EMF-Bioshield®/System2, made of two small translucent polypropylene bulbs, are to be placed on the two lower corners of the screen. They contain a liquid mix of rare earths oxides selected for their electromagnetic resonance properties. They combine to generate frequencies that match the shape and amplitude of the biologically harmful ones generated by the computer or TV sets, but in reversed phase. The result is what is referred to as a counter-phase resonance, which eliminates all biological harmfulness.


When flat screens were introduced and flooded the market to replace CRT-type computer and TV sets everywhere, the EMF-Bioshield®/System2 was retired since all the tests run to demonstrate its efficiency had been done on CRT-type sets. But to everyone's surprise, it turned out that it is equally effective to protect users of flat screens, many of whom insisted that EMF-Bioshield®/System2 remains in production  Click here for more information or click here to order.

See our testimonials here.

Protection from laptop computers


For a number of years, EMF-Bioshield®/System2 remained the only recourse available for hyper-sensitive people of who had a difficult time using their laptop computer. Its major drawback, however, was that the two mini-spheres needed to be put in place each time the laptop was opened and removed back into their original tube container when it was closed. It's not an issue for laptop that remain in the same place all the time, but since most laptops are meant to be carried around, it discouraged many users from having to deal with this hassle.

More recently, a new developments based on the same technology that led to the creations of the cell phone protective "chip" EMF-Bioshield®/Tel2 provides the same protection as did the EMF-Bioshield®/System2, but in a much more convenient format. It looks like the cell phone chip, only larger (60mm)  to increase its protective capability over a wider space. It is also the protection of choice for large tablets like the iPad Pro. EMF-Bioshield®/Laptop2 can be ordered here.