Are computer and television screens a risk for your health?

Today we are surrounded by screens of all sizes wherever we are, but... are they healthy? Science is divided between researchers who maintain that there is no danger and those who have already reached the conclusion that we would be well advised to be more careful


Additionally, an increasing percentage of the population is becoming ever more  “electro-hyper-sensitive” (EHS), which means that these people suffer from mutliple afflictions when they are exposed to electromagnetic fields. Their ills go from burning sensations to unbearable pains that force them to literally flee from the locations where they are exposed. For others, the impact of this exposure translate into increased stress, headaches, nervosity, aggressive impulses, lack of sleep, eye strain, vision issues, unexplainable general fatigue, decrease in productivity, weakening of the immune system, drop in libido, disturbance in menstrual cycle, risk of miscarriage, drop in scholastic achievements, etc.

Types of screens

But not all screens are the same, of course. In fact, they evolved into two distinct phases. The first generation, characterized by screens that were slightly curved and a body as massive as it was heavy, was what we refer to as cathode-ray-tube screens (CRT). There are still a few of those surviving here and there, but they were for the most part replaced by models from the second generation, i.e. flat screens (LCD). To sum up, the overwhelming majority of screens on the market today can be categorized either as:

1. cathode-ray-tube computer and TV screens.

2. screens of stationary flat computers and TV sets.

3. smaller screens of mobile computers.

Cathode-ray-tube screens

Computer and television screens, also used for video games, function on the same principle: like a fine jet of water projected against a wall, a beam of fast electrons sweeps the fluorescent surface of the screen, where, point by point, it draws a luminous image. This would not be a problem if the energy from the electrons was limited to providing the image. But some of this energy escapes in the form of radiation at various frequencies, in particular VLF and ELF (very low frequency and extremely low frequency) fields.

The spot of electrons which sweeps the screen generates what scientists call PEMR (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Radiation) or FEMR (Fragmented Electro-Magnetic Radiation) which, at close range, disturbs the balance of all living cells. It has been established that the harmful effects of PEMR exist all around the screen, especially in front of and behind the tube, effects which persist several hours after the computer or TV set has been turned off.

The sensitivity of today's state-of-the-art measuring equipment is still considerably inferior to that of living cells (a difference of 10-9, i.e. a factor of one billion). As far back as 1991, Prof. Carl Blackman (USA) asked that results obtained on “biological models” be acknowledged since they are the only ones that are sensitive enough to demonstrate the harmful effects of the ELF produced by CRT screens on living beings.

 Flat screens of stationary computers and TV sets 

Since flat screen technology is very different from CRTs, many users who were suffering from different ailments when facing their old CRT screens were initially relieved to see flat screen models arrive on the market because they thought it would bring an end to their physiological troubles. But all were surprised to find out that unfortunately that is not what happened. Sensitive people quickly realized that their problems had not gone away, even if the exact nature of this new electromagnetic pollution had not been identified.

A trustworthy solution

To meet these needs at a time when no other remedy was available, the protective system known as EMF-Bioshield®/System2 was created after many years devoted to research based on the unique sensitivity of biological models exposed to electromagnetic fields. It is still today the only such protection in the world that can boast an array of 47 scientific communications published by the selection committees of 16 major international scientific and medical congresses. In addition, EMF-Biohield®System2 was tested in seven different countries (France, Italy, Germany, USA, Russia, Hungary and Ukraine) and its efficiency in protecting computer users from their screens has thus been established with certainty (at least as far as CRT screens are concerned). Finally, it was selected as exhibitor in the Swiss Pavillion of the “TELECOM ITU Geneva 2003” International Salon.

How it works

The EMF-Bioshield®/System2 doesn't require any connection to a power source. Its protective effect is based on a technology that uses the resonance properties of a number of rare earths elements (elements 58 to 71 of Mendeleyev's periodic table of elements) to create a counter-phase passive resonance. When activated by the emissions given off by the screen, the content of the two mini-bulbs that make up the system creates an electromagnetic barrier around the screen protected. EMF-Bioshield®/System2 thus eliminates the harmful biological effects of residual radiation emitted by computer and TV screens.

Packaging and installation

The mini-bulbs are delivered in an aluminum tube. They are placed in it in a specific way in order to avoid touching each other, which could otherwise result in their quick de-activation. The letters “A” and “B” are respectively indicated on the base of each mini-bulb. In order to obtain the protective effect, it is imperative that, if used on a flat screen, mini-bulb “A” be stuck on the lower left corner of the computer frame, and mini-bulb “B” be placed on the lower right one, as close as possible to the screen itself. In case one is still using an old CRT computer or TV, mini-bulb "A" must be placed in the upper left corner of the computer frame and mini-bulb "B" on the lower right one, but not on the screen itself.

Use on more than one computer

If the same person needs to work on different computers (e.g. one at home and one at the office), it is possible to add velcros pads to both minibulbs to allow such shifts. If traveling by plane, it is recommended to use protective satchels of the sort used for films in order to go through security and protect the mini-bulbs from x ray screening. Never leave the two mini-bulbs sitting next to each other as they could get de-activated in just a few hours. It is indispensable to always transport themin their original aluminum tube.

Effects of protection

By suppressing the harmful impact of pulsed (or fragmented) electromagnetic radiation, the protection imparted by by EMF-Bioshield®/System2 allows the body to recover its natural recovery and healing abilities and therefore eliminate itself the most frequent symptoms such as chronic fatigue, tiredness, migraines, painful eyes and increased nervosity, which are the first to disappear. For others such as skin reactions, hormone disturbances and absnormal loss of periods, a number of months are sometimes necessary.

Recent developments for laptop screens


For a number of years, EMF-Bioshield®/System2 was thererfore the only recourse available for hyper-sensitive laptop users who had a difficult time using their work tool, even though it is somewhat impractical since the two mini-bulbs need to be each time taken out of their tube and positioned when the laptop is opened, only to be taken off and put back in the tube when the laptop needs to be closed. That's not an issue for laptops that remain stationary, but since the primary purpose of a laptop is precisely to be mobile, the problem remains for most of them.

More recently, promising developments indicate that a new approach based on the same technology that led to the creation of the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel2 protective chip for cell phones is providing the same type of protection as EMF-Bioshield®/System2, but in a much more practical and convenient format. It is basically a larger version of the 35mm chip, with a stronger capacity to cover a larger amount of space: EMF-Bioshield/Laptop2, which can be ordered here.


FAQs - Computer and TV screens (LCDs and CRTs)

1. What is the EMF-Bioshield®/System2 protective system?

The EMF-Bioshield®/System2 is made of two small plastic bulbs that contain certain rare earths compounds which have specific electromagnetic resonance properties. The latter generate counter-phase resonances that eliminate the harmful impact of pulsed electromagnetic radiation emitted by computer and TV screens on all living cells. The two bulbs are to be placed respectively on the upper left and lower right corners (for old CRT models), on the two lower corners of stationary flat screens. On laptops, the two bulbs must be positioned in the two upper corners of the laptop itself, i.e. not on the frame of the screen itself as required for larger models.

2. How do we know EMF-Bioshield®/System2 works?

Laboratory tests have consistently shown that long exposure to a CRT screen adversely impacts several types of living matter, while exposure to a EMF-Bioshield®/System2-protected CRT is similar to not being exposed to any CRT at all. Comparison tests completed to date have included white rats, fruit flies, cell proliferation, chick embryos, fungus and humans.

3. What is inside EMF-Biohield®/System2? And how does it work?

All biological tests performed with EMF-Bioshield®/System2 prove that it's a system that works. Because existing radiation meters are not as sensitive to EMF as living matter, only biological models can be used because they are sensitive enough to allow measuring with certainty the causes of the problem and the way EMF-Bioshield®/System2 works.

4. Can EMF-Bioshield®/System2 harm me? If ELF waves can be harmful, how do I know EMF-Bioshield®/System2 won't harm me or combine with ELF to harm me?

The EMF-Bioshield®/System2 bulbs do not generate any ELF waves and can only be of help, not harm, living matter. They resonate passively in counter-phase with portions of the EMF (both VLF and ELF) generated by CRTs (as long as their positioning on the frame of the screen is done in accordance with the instructions for use). Tests have consistently demonstrated that EMF-Bioshield®/System2 virtually eliminates the negative impacts of fragmented EMF on all biological matters, without creating in turn any harmful effect for the living beings exposed to it.

5. Should one take special precautions when using the mini-bulbs of EMF-Bioshield®/System2?

Yes. The instructions that come with the product say the following: "This product is neither a toy nor a gadget. Like any small solid object, the mini-bulbs of EMF-Bioshield®/System2 must be kept away from the reach of children. Do not swallow, break or pierce the mini-bulbs (although their contents are bio-degradable and harmless). If ingested, consult immediately your doctor (because of the ingestion of plastic, not the liquid content of the bulbs).

6. Does EMF-Bioshield®/System2 function on flat screens as well?

All tests conducted with the EMF-Bioshield® system were done first and foremost to protect users of CRT-based computer and TV screens. Additional tests are being conducted to establish scientifically whether flat screens are harmful and whether the EMF-Bioshield®/System2 system can protect their users, too. So far, empirical tests conducted with electro-sensitive people have shown that the EMF-Bioshield® system seems to work for them, too, and has improved their working conditions to their satisfaction. The only difference is that the two bulbs that make the EMF-Bioshield® system need to be positioned, respectively, on the lower left and right corners of the screen frame (instead of the upper left and right corners of the screen frame of CRT models).

7. What about laptops?

    The answer is the same as above for flat screens, except that since the two bulbs need to be positioned on the two lower corners of the screen frame for the system to protect users, stationary laptops are the best option. Otherwise, the bulbs need to be removed (and safely put away in their protective alluminum tube) each time the laptop is closed, and re-installed every time the laptop is opened, which can quickly prove to be cumbersome. However, for some extra-sensitive people, that is the only option to avoid feeling uncomfortable, or worse, when they use their laptop computer. In addition, the two bulbs need to be placed not on the frame of the screen but instead on the upper left and right corner of the body of the laptop itself (i.e. above te keyboard).

    Nevertheless this option is not the only solution available any more for electro-hyper-sensitive people who feel ill-at-ease or worse when using their laptop.  A new development in the same technology as the one used for protection against cell phone electromagnetic pollution (see this page for more information) has so far given very promising results for many hyper-sensitive people: EMF-Bioshield®/Laptop2. It looks like the 35mm chip (Tel2), but measures 60mm, augmented with a 20mm one, both of which are to be placed together on the top of the laptop, as shown in the pictures below. We wish to emphasize again, however, that the tests conducted so far on this new product have been of an empirical nature and rest for the most part on positive testimonials from a number of hyper-sensitive people who have found it to be of great help.

8. Does EMF-Bioshield®/System2 replace anti-glare screens?

No. EMF-Bioshield®/System2 is designed to eliminate the biologically detectable harmful effects of ELF and VLF magnetic field radiation, thought to be the major EMF health concern. Anti-glare screens are generally designed to mitigate glare or contrast. They are comfort accessories.

9. Is it possible to measure how effective EMF-Bioshield®/System2 is?

In the current state of knowledge and development of measuring devices, EMF meters can not currently measure below 10-6 watts/square centimeter. Several scientists believe human cells may be affected at strengths as low as 10-15 watts/square centimeter. S.E.I.C. points to the consistent biological test results, submitted to international scientific meetings, which prove the effectiveness of EMF-Bioshield®/System2. As far as we are aware, EMF-Bioshield®/System2 is the only system which has been submitted to such tests and reported in so many publications (see our list of Publications).

10. How long does the protection provided by EMF-Bioshield®/System2 last?

To be safe EMF-Bioshield®/System2 should be replaced after 24 months, regardless of CRT operating hours. Manufacturer research shows EMF-Bioshield®/System2 works perfectly... until it loses its ability to resonate. It does not wear down gradually like a battery. This same research shows that some EMF-Bioshield®/System2 normally fail after 24 months, but most have functioned longer. Because there is usually some PEMF present even when CRTs are off, EMF-Bioshield®/System2 keeps resonating, generating counterphase waves and remaining therefore in use whenever the bulbs are outside their original aluminum container.

11. What should I do if I use a computer at home and one at work? Do I have to buy two EMF-Boshield®/Systems2?
    If the same person needs to work on different computers (e.g. one at the office and one at home), it's possible to add small self-sticking velcro pads under each mini-bulb to allow their being switched between computers? Three such velcro pads are included with each set of mini-bulbs, plus an extra one for the second computer (one set of velcro pads includes one male and one female).

    Upon request, a fourth set of velcro pads will be provided to allow EMF-Bioshield®/System to be used, for ecxample, at hone on a computer, then at the office on another computer and finally at night on the family TV, assuming the two mini-bulbs are carefully put back into their original tube as recommended.

    For transportation on planes, it is recommended to use protective bags for old-style photo films to protect EMF-Bioshield®/System2 from x-ray security machines. Never leave the two bulbs outside of their tube next to each other lest they get de-activated in a matter of hours. ALways carry them around in their original aluminum tube.

12. What is the maximum size of a screen (computer or TV set) on which I can install EMF-Bioshield®/System2?

       If you still own an old cathode-ray-tube computer or TV, the maximum diagonal is 35 inches (90 cm). Reminder: on these models the mini-bulbs must be positioned in diagonal on the corners of the frame of the screen).

      If you own a contemporary flat screen model, it is the width (or length) of the screen that must noe exceed 35 inches (90 cm), which means that the actual diagonal can go up to 41 inches (103 cm). Reminder: on these models the two mini-bulbs need to be positioned on the two bottom corners of the screen.

13. What does EMF-Bioshield®/System2 cost?
       The retail price (recently reduced by 20%) is: 

            CHF 136.00 (shipping not included),

            € 114.40 (VAT and shipping not included),

            CA $166.00 (VAT and shipping not included), 

            US $128.00 (VAT and shipping not included).

14. How can one order the EMF-Bioshield® products?
      Orders can be placed directly on line by clicking here.


15. What about cell phones?
The problem is different regarding cell phones because people tend to hold them right on their ear, i.e. in close proximity of their skull, and quite a few do so for several hours every day. Their close exposure to the radiation emitted and received by their phone puts them in a high risk category as a result. To minimize this danger, we recommend the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel2 (35mm) chip. See our page on cell phones for more information.

If you have other questions that have not been addressed on this page, please send us an e-mail, and we may add it here.


Testimonials regarding the protection system EMF-Bioshield/System2 for computers (both old cathode-ray-tune models and new flat screens ones)


“Whereas before I was not able to work in front of a computer more than ten minutes, thanks to EMF-Bioshield®/System2, I am able to spendperiods of 40 to 50 minutes six or seven times a day without any problem. I've been suffering from headaches for more than a year now, and even though I tried all sorts of medical treatments and discussed with people with similar issues almost every day, no one was able to explain to me, let alone warn me about the impact of my health resulting from my work on a computer.”
             Ralph U., Netherlands

“I noticed a real improvement in my concentration, my ideas are more clear, I am less tired, and even in the sex department things have improved . I have now been using EMF-Bioshield®/System2 for six months.”
             Rémi G., France

     “I first encountered EMF-BioShield®/System2 in the early 1990's when I owned and operated a graphic design business from my home. The day I turned on my new 23" CRT monitor, I thought I was going to have to find a new profession. Within minutes I felt horrible pressure in my head and chest and there was no doubt is was coming from the display. Having so much work to do I simply endured it, but my health and marriage began to suffer.

My wife, who is very sensitive to the environment in her home, could come in and know if the computer was on or not from the other end of the house. She would not enter my office as long as the computer was on, and made it perfectly clear she was not happy with me or my career path.

     Then came EMF-BioShield®/System2, and everything changed. I felt the difference right away. My wife was the most astonished when she walked right into the office and over to my desk to talk to me before she noticed the computer was on. Neither of us could believe it, the difference was astounding. For weeks she would comment on how amazed she was that she could no longer feel the machine running. As for myself, I was able to work longer with less fatigue.

Over the years I have used up several sets of EMF-BioShield®/System2 (which isn't easy as they last for hundreds of hours) before I retired from computer graphics. When the last pair wore out a little over a year ago I didn't replace it. I just didn't like using the computer. I did however buy my first 27" TV after living TV-free for many years. The first five minutes of watching it made me run to the computer to order two new sets. I've just installed them on both computer (23" plasma) and TV (27" HD CRT Type) monitors and the magic happened again. I am already spending more time on the computer, it just feels better, and I don't have to sit across the room from the TV to watch it. I can even walk up to it and turn it on without feeling the pressure in my chest and head.

     If you are sensitive to radioactive fields, you will know EMF-BioShield®/System2 is working right away, and even if you don't feel anything, you can rest assured you are in a far safer environment. EMF-BioShield®/System2 works. I will never be without it again.”
             Keith C., USA

“To summarize, I advise anyone suffering from fatigue after spending time in front of a TV or a computer to get an EMF-Bioshield®/System2. Results are guaranteed.”
             Cyril G., Suisse

“Before I started using EMF-Bioshield®/System2, I used to get really tired physically and mentally, and I was not able to concentrate on my work.”
             Agnes B., Hungary

“Before installing EMF-Bioshield®/System2, when I as spending many hours in front of my screen, I used to suffer from headaches and I was very tired.”
              Monique Z., Switzerland

“As a translator, I spend several hours in front of a screen every day, and I was therefore able to realize that this protection works.”
             Jean W., Switzerland

“I'm not bothered any more by migraines and vision troubles.”
             Françoise B., Switzerland

“I thank you wholeheartedly for having put together this little marvel, and I encourage you to make it known in all offices to better protect people's health.”
             Francine B., France

“As far as I am concerned, I'll admit that I was skeptical at first, but now I notice that after 8 hours of work every day, I am neither tired nor stressed any more.”
             Ange L., France

“I am very pleased with my EMF-Bioshield®/System2. I immediately felt an enormous difference a mere ten seconds after setting it up. It really cleared the air of whatever was coming off of my computer screen. Since then I've felt a lot better. Even though I don't know why, I've noticed that it works also on flat screens. The fact is that it helps a lot there, too. I can now stay in front of my computer without feeling any energy or emenations. I'm very satisfied. Thank you!”
             Ken J., Canada

     “As a long term chronic fatigue sufferer, I had always wondered if my computer might be having an impact on my health. This curiousity came from two different experiences. I had worked in the freight forwarding industry at one point in my career and was a little alarmed to learn that declarations of dangerous goods, due to radioactivity, had to be made for any CRTs imported into the country. Shortly afterwards, I began working for a company that actually manufactured televisions and CRTs. I specifically remember one of the workers bringing what he claimed was a "modified geiger counter" to the office and "testing" each one of the TV sets, just as a personal experiment. I noticed that on some of the larger CRTs his instrument showed a slight reading. Needless to say, that left quite an impression.

     So, a few months later, when I started having headaches and experiencing pain from sitting in front of a computer screen for long hours at a new job, I began to wonder about these past experiences. So I started to ask questions. Luckily, one of the doctors I was seeing at the time had heard of the EMF-Bioshield®/System2 and recommended that I try it. I immediately bought a set, not sure of what to expect, but willing to try it out. At first, I did notice a slight improvement - nothing major, but I thought to myself that it was better than nothing. About two weeks later though I had a rather profound change. It was as if my symptoms all of a sudden had increased. I felt incredibly sick and had a severe headache - all after two full weeks of feeling better.

     Looking back, I now see that as a detoxification reaction of some kind. Anyway, after one day of feeling completely lousy, the next day I was fine and feeling better than ever. My headaches and eyestrain were completely gone, as well as my extreme tiredness after work.

     Interestingly enough, a few months later there was a female co-worker in the same office who complained to me that she was having similar problems. I bought an extra set for her, and to my surprise, she went through the exact same type of detoxification reaction. Two weeks after she started using them, she said she felt unusually sick and had a terrible headache. The next day it had passed and she said she felt better than she had in a long time.

     I know that the EMF-Bioshield® products work and if you have extreme allergies or a weak immune system, you will definitely see a noticeable benefit from using them. I highly recommend them to any computer users who are concerned about maintaining good health.”
             Harold P., USA

“I have had EMF-Bioshield®/System2 on my computer for about 6 months now and I am very satisfied. I work on my computer every day for about 8 -10 hours - but now I do not feel as tired as I used to. This product is fantastic! I'm recommending it to all my friends.”
             Jozsef P., Hungary

Scientific Communications published by the Selection Committees of 46 major international scientific and medical congresses